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ABA Academic Readiness Programs

The Arizona Institute for Autism offers a variety of evidence-based, academic solutions for individuals ages

2-17 years old, who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other related developmental disorders. In addition, the Arizona Institute for Autism provides readiness programs for future model learners ages 6 months-2 years old. Depending on your individual preference as well as your child's specific needs, our comprehensive academic programs are conducted in-center with a focus on helping your child attain a better quality of life & a greater sense of independence.

ABA Academic Readiness Program

Our comprehensive academic program is based on your child's specific academic and behavioral needs. AIA teachers will work closely with your child with a 1:3 clinical instructor to learner ratio to implement their individual curriculum in our unique AIA classroom environment for a half-day (4 hours) 8:00 am -12:00 pm. AIA's highly-trained educators will support your child in their environment by providing guidance & academic support throughout the day. Behavioral Consultants at AIA are available to consult with parents about IEPs and provide support during meetings with teachers and other educational staff. Our ABA Therapy program takes an integrative approach and currently serves the following age groups:


  • AIA Baby Leaners 2-3 years old | 8:00-12:00 | MTWTHF

  • AIA Toddler Learner 4-5 years old | 8:00-12:00 | MTWTHF

  • AIA Youth Learners 6-8 years old | 8:00-12:00 | MTWTHF

  • AIA Youth Learners 8-12 years old | 8:00-12:00 | MTWTHF

  • AIA Teen Learners 13-17 years old | 8:00-12:00 | MTWTHF


ABA Academic Readiness Program

Accepted Insurance Carriers:


  • UnitedHealth

If your insurance carrier is not currently listed, you may

opt for a private pay option.

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