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Physician and Insurer Referrals

Do you have a client recently diagnosed with autism?

At the Arizona Institute for Autism, we are here to support your clients reach new milestones in a diverse integrated learning environment. Our mission is to improve special education and to strengthen neurodivergent communities. We offer dependable educational and therapeutic  programs for children ages 2-17 that have been diagnosed with autism.

Our Services:

  • Behavioral

  • Psychological

  • Socialogical 


To provide the highest level of optimal care, we know that it is essential to provide a working partnership with the client’s diagnostic provider, physician, and their insurance company. To facilitate this collaboration, we have built a system of reporting metrics on the child’s treatment plan with supporting progress charts we share with our partners. This information keeps everyone involved up to date on the client’s progress and future needs. If you are an insurance company or diagnostic provider interested in working with us, contact us to learn more about our referral process.

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