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Our Current List of Insurance Carriers:


  • UnitedHealth

  • Optum

  • United Health AHCCCS

  • Tricare

We are always working to expand access to ABA Therapy by growing the list of carriers who will work with us in covering this innovative, life-saving treatment. For questions regarding insurance, please contact us at



The Arizona Institute for Autism (AIA) is proud to be a dedicated partner in helping you navigate the terms of your insurance policy. Your type of plan determines which health benefits may be available to you. While new insurance laws in some states fluctuate and sometimes make it difficult for providers to understand whether service will be covered, the Arizona Institute for Autism is well-versed in the plans of all major carriers and can help you discover if yours includes an ABA benefit. If you aren’t sure if you have coverage, we can help.







Parent & Family Support

Every member on our billing team recognizes the immense effort that you and your family devote to supporting your child. We understand that this can have an emotional & physical toll.

Through phone consultations and requested in-person appointments, our dedicated team will work to support parents and explain how the billing process works in a way that you're feeling safe and supported every step of the way.

For general questions and support, please contact us at

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

What is the Tricare Echo Program and how do I qualify? 

What is the ESA Program and how do I apply? 

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