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Learner Social Club

All kids need opportunities to have fun, connect with others, and make friends while learning and developing new skills. Our goal is to help your learner stay well and increase emotional and social functioning by providing quality-enriched programs. With evidence-based integrated wellness enrichment services such as music, art, games, dance, and recreational fun, our Learner Social Club not only saves you time but most importantly, treats your learner’s whole mind and body.

Parents/guardians, some friendly reminders to keep in mind when enrolling and dropping off your learners for Learner Social Club:

  • Learners must be potty-trained prior to enrolling

  • Please pack wipes - these can be kept and stored on hand at our clinic

  • Learners must bring a snack AND water with them - these can also be stored and kept at our clinic

  • Important note to parents/guardians: Please allow a 30 day notice to AIA staff of any plans to pause or cancel Learner Social Club services.

Our Learner Social Club program takes an integrative approach and currently serves the following age groups:

  • AIA Youth Learners 8-17 years old | 4:00-6:00 

    • MTWTHF - 5 days a week

    • MWF - 3 days a week

    • W- 1 day a week

Payment Type:

  • Private Pay

1 Day Trial Pass:

Email to

get access to the Learner Social Club pass.


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