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ABA Therapy 

The Arizona Institute for Autism offers a variety of evidence-based, clinical services for individuals ages

2-17 years old, who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other related developmental disorders. Depending on your individual preference as well as your child's specific needs, some of our comprehensive clinical services are conducted in our institute with a focus on helping your child attain a better quality of life & and a greater sense of independence.


Our ABA Therapy programs take an integrative approach and prepares children to be independent learners.

  • Individual Learning

    • ABA Therapy 1:1

  • Group Learning

    • ​​ABA Therapy: Academic Readiness 1:3

Tablet Learning within Aba Therapy

Your Questions Answered

What can I expect during a treatment session? Initially, one of our Behavior Analysts will conduct a thorough behavioral interview with your child in order to develop a thorough understanding of their present behavior and their individual strengths and weaknesses.


The BCBA clinician will use behavioral data gathered during the interview to determine appropriate treatment goals and intervention strategies. Highly-trained Registered Behavioral Technicians will then work one-on-one with your child for a prescribed number of hours each week and implement this tailored treatment plan under the supervision of a BCBA clinician. 

How will my child benefit from ABA Therapy? 

Our behavioral team will work 1-on-1 with your child on replacing dysfunctional or harmful behavior with more effective, functional action. ​Practicing academic readiness is a priority in our program. Your child will learn to attend to instructions, respond to their names, follow directions, comply with non-preferred tasks or demands, develop critical executive functions, & build essential life skills.

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Parent & Family Support

Every member on our clinical team recognizes the immense effort that you and your family devote to supporting your child. We understand that this can have an emotional & physical toll.


This program helps families understand and navigate the complex system of healthcare and special education with unwavering confidence.

Through phone consultations, in-person appointments, group events and trainings, our staff provides relevant and accurate information, coaching, and connects you with helpful community resources. This program is designed to improve the stability of family lives by teaching family members how to use evidence-based methods to address dysfunctional behavior. The program takes place in-clinic, or in any other natural environment in the local community. Our Behavioral Analysts will work to support parents and explain how to identify their children's behaviors and communicate effectively with their children in a way that decreases daily stressors for the family and their child.

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