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Client Forms

The intake process to become a client at the Arizona Institute of Autism is as follows:

Step 1: Complete the client Intake form for the selected program

Step 2: Read and sign all intake agreements with the assigned Client Case Advocate

Step 3: Complete the Clinical Learner Pre-Assessment Forms

Step 4: Get Approved 

Step 5: Start Service



Psychological Client Forms

*Autism Diagnosis Not Required 

Step 1: PSY CR Client Intake Form 

Step 2: PSY Client Intake Agreement Form 

Step 3: PSY Learner Intake Pre-Assessment Form



ABA Therapy Client Forms

*Autism Diagnosis Required

Step 1: ABA CR Client Intake Form 


Step 2: ABA Client Intake Agreement Form 




Step 3: ABA Learner Intake Pre-Assessment Form

Step 4: ABA Parent Handbook Signature




*Once the intake forms are complete we will contact you to schedule your assessment screening

with your assigned provider. Once your assessment has been signed of and you're approved for service, a Client Case

Advocate will confirm your select start date for quality service.


Learner Social Club Client Forms

*Autism Diagnosis Not Required. Neurodivergent and Neurotypical learners are welcomed.


Step 1: Learner Social Club CR Client Intake Form 

Step 2: Learner Social Club Client Intake Agreement Form 


Step 3: AILearner Intake Pre-Assessment Form



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