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New Year Goals for Our Children with Autism

The New Year can be challenging for children with Autism and may lead to distress. Different factors affect the ability of children with autism to cope during those times. The inability to deal with changes and disruption in routines and cope with unclear expectations can be stressful. Additionally, sensory overload including loud music, bright lighting, strong smells, etc. may cause children to feel uncomfortable.

To decrease stress as much as possible during the holiday time, it is important to provide your child with visual Support (i.e., visual schedules) for the purpose of preparing your child to manage changes in schedule and minimize disruption and triggers. Additionally, social stories can be great visual support to clarify activities and events during the holidays along with using a reinforcer system (i.e., Token System) to handle behaviors before it happens.

For more information on how to manage aggressive behavior and proper communication, connect with us by sending your messages and questions to or contact us directly at


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