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Looking for a memorable way to celebrate your learner? Preferably something that doesn’t require a ton of planning on your part? Relax – our knowledgeable providers and behavioral specialists got this.













Parent & Family Support

Every member on our services team recognizes the immense effort that you and your family devote to supporting your child. Through phone consultations and requested in-person appointments, our dedicated team will work to support parents and explain how the event process works in a way that you feel safe and supported every step of the way.

A non-refundable fee of $50.00 is required to reserve your event. If you fail to cancel your event 3 days prior to your event, a $50.00 is assessed. For general questions and support, please contact us at

Learner BirthdayWishes

Host a Learner Birthday Party Today!

With a personalized AIA themed party, and extra swag for guests, we can help make your little one’s next
birthday party the best one yet! Recognized as one of Arizona’s lead
ing ABA integrated providers, a
birthday party at the Arizona Institute for Autism, provides learners, friends and family the full run of a facility

room. The celebration with provider-led games, music, and fun activities created especially for your birthday kiddo, will be memorable.


As a bonus you don’t have to worry about setup or cleanup, making it awesome for you too! For questions regarding events, please contact us at

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Event Request Support

Thank you for your inquiry. One of our Client Services Representatives will be with you within 24-72 hours.

General Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Event Information

Food and snacks are NOT provided by the Arizona Institute for Autism (AIA). Please check box if you will be providing food/snacks/drinks below:

Terms and Condition:

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