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ABA Integrated Therapy
for the Whole Learner

Get comprehensive integrated ABA care to support your kiddo's physical, mental, and emotional health  

Arizona's Leading Experts in Behavioral Health & Special Education 

At AIA, our mission is to improve special education and strengthen communities throughout Arizona.


Every day, our team of highly trained clinicians, paraprofessionals, educators, and consultants works with one goal in mind: to support the behavioral and educational development of our 'kiddos' in every way possible. 


We accomplish this by delivering clinical treatments, including ABA therapy services, academic services, and group support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disorders. And since every child is unique, we work with each family differently to understand their individual needs before we apply our insights through customized programs.


We also bring our 'can-do' mentality to the classroom. AIA works hand-in-hand with SPED teachers and educational leaders to address their unique challenges and enhance the classroom environment for their students.


Our staff believes that, with the right resources & support, every child can achieve their potential. So, every day, we do everything we can to support each one of our 'kiddos' in the pursuit of their individual potential.


ABA Therapy 

ABA Group Therapy

ABA Academic Therapy

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